Erics Homes Proprietary Insul-Concept

A Unique Proprietary Technology

Eric’s Homes ‘Insul-Concept’ is a unique proprietary technology designed and engineered by the president and owner, Eric Doyon. Inspired by the newest construction guidelines in eastern Canada, this technology was created as an improvement over traditional methods of residential insulation.

Unlike traditional insulation methods, Eric’s Homes ‘Insul-Concept includes an additional insulation compound to the exterior of the house frame. This compound provides unparalleled air quality by eliminating all harmful thermal bridges created from wall and celling intersections, those of which normally form as a result as a result of conventional insulation practices.

Erics Homes Proprietary Insul-Concept

Insul-Concept also benefits the home-owner by keeping the wooden frame of the house warm, thus reducing damaging condensation effects. Best of all, this improved insulation guarantees a warmer house in the cold winter months, which naturally equates to lower cost on your heating bills.

For further information please reference the image or watch the video.

Eric’ Homes Insul Concept