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Home Designs for the Aftermath of COVID-19

Home Designs for the Aftermath of COVID-19 COVID-19 has changed many of us forever. Lockdowns, quarantines, fear to venture out into the public unprotected – it’s all changed our view of what could happen in the future. Many researchers are warning people worldwide that other pandemics are the horizon. When they hit, the protocols will…

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Draw mortgages

Get a Draw Mortgage on Your New Build

For most people, buying or building a home requires some sort of financing. Such financing typically consists of a mortgage and different types of mortgages have their own unique advantages, disadvantages, and requirements. When building your new home, it’s a given that somebodyneeds to pay the construction costs; there’s no way around it! A draw…

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energy efficient homes

How We Build Energy Efficient Homes

To most of us in this golden age of technology, the phrase “energy efficient homes” conjures up mental images of the latest appliances, home gadgets, heating and cooling systems, etc. equipped with a plethora of the latest smart technology and claim to significantly reduce your energy bills. However, the fact is that most of what…

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